It’s a simple and fast search system for spare parts.

To find the spare part of the appliance you are looking for you can insert model and the serial number and then you can check the exploded view and the relevant spare parts list.

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The technology changed the way of communicate. Nowadays, the web is the main source of information for millions people worldwide; the social networks are very important places to exchange information and where people and companies share their activities and thinking. Astelav is available on all the new way of communicating.


It’s our brand for Household products, parts with a technical content and link with the world of the appliances.

The evolution of Astelav is clearly shown from the wide selection of products in our catalogue, the last 15 years has seen a strong growth of items not belonging to the range “spare parts” but still appealing to our customers. Hosehold products, parts with a technical content and direct linked to the world of the appliances.

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This enables you to improve the performance of your purchases.

It’s a very simple and useful feature which enables you to improve the performance of your purchases and therefore satisfying your customers.
We recommend you to buy some products according to our marketing analysis:

The best selling products in your area which you haven’t purchased yet
The products not present in your current basket
It’s a very important way of getting the information about where a market is going; this realize you about which parts you’re not involved yet.

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You can check all the information and pictures about our products, making orders, checking your Accounting situation and also your backorder situation. This improves the co-operation between you and Astelav and you can save time.

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From the order to the shipment, you feel us next to your business.

We take care of you from the moment you send us your order until the shipment. You can ask us all the information you need about the order status and also about the items in backorder.